Maxol's business today is its service stations, lubricants and fleet card divisions.  Although Maxol no longer delivers home heating oil, we understand the importance of energy efficiency in the home.

Below are tips on how to save money on your heating bills

* Main Source: Energy Saving Trust

  • Keep radiators free from obstructions: +

    Having radiators obstructed by furniture etc. will reduce their output and lead to poor performance.

  • Have your boiler serviced at least once a year: +

    Boilers are not 100% efficient - around 20% of the heat generated is lost up the chimney. Heat loss can increase to 30% or more if the boiler is poorly maintained.

  • Regularly check your heating system for leaks: +

    Water or oil leaks prevent your system from working efficiently. Check for signs of leakage from your tank, pipe work, valves, flanges and boiler.

  • Have your boiler and distribution pipes insulated: +

    Boilers which are not insulated lose heat to surrounding areas - heat loss from pipes can be reduced by over 70% by insulation.

  • Avoid ordering small deliveries of oil: +

    You can obtain better discounts on large deliveries. Always order the optimum quantity for the capacity of your tank.

  • Never run out of oil: +

    Apart from the discomfort and inconvenience, some oil will be wasted if your system needs bled to restart it. It will also cost more to heat your home to the required temperature again.

  • Do not overheat your home: +

    The recommended temperature for your home is 18 degrees centigrade (21 degrees for homes with elderly persons or young children). Your Heating costs will rise by about 8% for each 1 degree Centigrade of overheating.

  • Avoid opening windows/doors when heating is on: +

    increase your comfort by turning the heating down instead.

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