17 Jul 2019

Be safe during Silage Season #farmsafetyweek

When preparing for the silage season, advanced planning must be top of the list. Farmers and contractors should avoid rushing the job, as not taking enough time and care can result in disastrous consequences. The majority of tractor accidents result from inexperienced operators, speed, lack of concentration, steep gradient, poor driver vision, and poor condition of the tractor or trailer.

We have listed some important areas to that every farmer and contractor should be mindful of.

  • Before beginning silage season, please ensure that all machinery being used is fully checked and in good working order.
  •  All safety guards must be in place and working correctly. Silage goes on late into the evening so it is important all lights are working and clearly visible.
  • Safe access and egress from all farm yards and fields must be ensured to avoid road traffic accidents.
  •  It can be extremely dangerous to overfill the silage pit. It can result in the surrounding walls collapsing, especially when dealing with excessively wet grass.
  •  Guardrails should be installed on top of the surrounding walls in the pit allow the person filling the pit to see their boundaries, ensuring that they don’t slip over the edge.
  •  If you are making bales ensure that they are stacked in a safe manner. Falling bales can result in serious accident or death.

Save Lives: Think Safety – Farm Safely



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