20 Jul 2018

12 checks that can save your life on the farm

The vast majority of serious tractor accidents are caused because of inexperienced operators, speed, lack of concentration, gradient, unguarded parts and the poor mechanical condition of the tractor. The first step in trying to prevent accidents is to make sure that the machine is in a sound condition and that the operator has adequate experience to do the job. We’re all busy with lots of important jobs to do around the yard. We should still be able to perform a Five-Minute Check before we begin our work:

  1. Engine Oil – avoid engine damage
  2. Transmission Oil – avoid damage
  3. Tyres – good tyres gives good control
  4. Steps into cab – to prevent slips and falls
  5. Hand Brake – prevent the tractor rolling when on an incline
  6. Hydraulics – equipment collapse
  7. Clear Cab Floor – so peddles won’t jam
  8. Clean all Windows – for good visibility
  9. Brake Pedals Locked Together – brakes pull evenly
  10. Radiator – prevent overheating
  11. Lights and Mirrors – visibility
  12. PTO Protected – PTO must have a guard and the shaft must be covered


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