21 Aug 2018

Ploughing Championships 2018

Always think safety. That’s the message for every farmer these days. Too many accidents and deaths are happening on our farms and many of these are avoidable. Simple human error is a huge factor in the number of farm accidents in Ireland – the operator forgot something, took a shortcut or a risk, ignored a warning, was not paying close attention, failed to follow safety rules or did not maintain the machine in a safe condition. There are many different kinds of farm machinery – mowers, tractors, harvesters, augers, slurry spreaders, balers etc. but they all have similar characteristics and similar hazards.

Competent Drivers should always follow ‘Safe Systems of Work’

  1. Know all the controls – this is vital to operating safely
  2. Use the seat belt
  3. Always 100% concentration – important to keep your mind on the job
  4. Safely on and off the tractor – good footing, use handhold. Don’t jump
  5. If you sense any danger, stop the tractor.
  6. Correct speed – Be cautious and adjust the speed to allow for the conditions at hand

Do you operate farm machinery in a safe responsible manner? We want you to come to the Maxol stand at the Ploughing Championships. We are on Block 3, Row 22, Stand 482.

Come and test your skills on our Agri Simulator. Prove that you are safe and responsible when operating farm machinery.

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