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Maxol Lubricants are the official Irish partner of GreenChem AdBlue; the urea solution used in modern diesel engines to reduce harmful emissions.

As one of Europe’s largest suppliers of AdBlue, GreenChem are fully certified and globally recognised. The use of AdBlue is fast becoming a necessity across many industries including haulage, public transport, construction, maritime, agriculture and automotive. At Maxol Lubricants we offer a selection of AdBlue supply and support packages tailored to your company’s individual needs.

maxol lubricants

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maxol lubricants

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24 Jul 2019

Do you find yourself using more and more barrels of AdBlue every year? Are you fed up of having to dispose of these barrels? The AdBlue Smart Lite by ...

27 Jan 2015

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26 May 2014

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12 Dec 2013

Maxol Lubricants is delighted to announce it has been awarded the tender to be sole supplier of Anti-Freeze and Selective Catalyst Reduction Additives ...

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