16 Aug 2016

AdBlue Starter Pack available at Maxol service stations nationwide

Maxol Lubricants has introduced the Adblue Starter Pack across the Maxol network of over 230 service stations for the convenience of diesel car customers. The company is providing expert advice to confused motorists over recent emissions legislation, which has led to the requirement for the product, AdBlue, for most modern diesel cars. Maxol advises if you are unsure, visit http://www.maxol.ie/adblue, where a number of informative and educational videos are available to view or call into a Maxol station for advice.

  • What is AdBlue? 

 AdBlue is a highly purified colourless liquid. It is used with diesel engines using SCR technology. Many newer model Diesel cars will have this. It simply works by turning harmful exhaust pipe gasses into harmless nitrogen and water. AdBlue is stored in a separate AdBlue tank.

  • Why do I need it? 

Your vehicle needs AdBlue to reduce harmful emissions. Due to stricter emissions legislation, diesel engines need to have cleaner exhaust gases. Moreover, it benefits drivers with improved fuel economy, cutting the cost of fuel.

  • What will happen if I don't purchase AdBlue for my AdBlue tank?

If you don’t have AdBlue in your AdBlue tank, your car (depending on manufacturer) will warn you to top up. A light will display on the dash (just like a low petrol/diesel warning light). As the AdBlue level decreases your car will slow down and eventually stop if you run out of AdBlue - every manufacturer differs so check your vehicle manual.

  • Where can I buy AdBlue?

A 4 litre AdBlue starter pack is available at Maxol service stations nationwide for €17.98/£12.99. This comes complete with reusable nozzle to ensure you don’t spill any liquid. Maxol will also be selling a standard 4L AdBlue pack (without nozzles) in the near future.

Maxol’s Mr. Smooth asked his friends at GreenChem for a short video on Adblue…Check it out here

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