SoftCare2 Pro Wash
  • Advanced Technology - The SoftCare² Pro is characterised by the particular quality and innovative technology that typifies the SoftCare² generation.
  • Soft and Gentle - on paint and surfaces
  • Wider Entry - For large and small cars
    (Max Height: 2,400mm | Max Width: 2,020mm)
  • Wheel Washer - Large and small rims
  • Optimal Drying - Side-drying air jets
  • FlexStream - Rotating Roof Nozzle
  • Swivel Jets - High-pressure swivelling side nozzles

Maxwash Softcare Pro
Car Wash System

Maxwash uses Softcare Pro and Softcare 2 Pro machines from Washtec to give you the highest quality wash and best finish available in Ireland. See some of our unique features below.

SoftTec Brush

SofTecs® is a new and highly innovative, paint protecting, brush material, the softest currently available. The foamed polyethylene cleans even the most sensitive paint finishes without leaving the slightest trace. With new vehicles, maintaining the shine of the paint is particularly important. SofTecs® keeps your paintwork dazzling all the time.

Softtec Brush Video
Softtec Brush Video

Wider Entry

Maxwash now offers a comfortable washing experience to all shapes of vehicle with wider entry lanes of 2,050mm. So even if your driving an X5, Q7 or similar vehicle, Maxwash makes for a comfortable fit with room to spare.

Wider Entry Video
Wider Entry Video

Wheel Jet

Wheel Jet is the new diagonally positioned wheel washer offering thorough wheel cleaning. It hits wheel up to 21 inches in diameter squarely in the centre.

Wheel Jet Video
Wheel Jet Video

Side High Pressure Washers

Three swivelling high-pressure jets on each side provide for improved coarse dirt removal in the front, rear and side skirts.

Side High Pressure Washers Video
Side High Pressure Washers Video

Flexstream - Rotating Roof Nozzle

This is particularly effective at removing dirt and can be rotated in any direction on its axis, enabling an all-round high-pressure wash even in the side skirt area, and contourtracking drying. Optimum cleaning, even for hard-to-reach places, like the front and back.

Flexstream Rotating Roof Nozzle Video
Flexstream Rotating Roof Nozzle Video

Flexstream - Drying

The form-following of the roof dryer and optimised flow characteristics at the nozzle ensure reliable removal of water droplets from the vehicle.

Flexstream Drying Video
Flexstream Drying Video

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