Our Business Principles

We, in Maxol, believe that our activities throughout the island of Ireland should generate economic benefits and opportunities for everyone associated with our companies. Our conduct should be a source of positive influence both commercially and in the communities in which we operate. Our relationships will be honest and open and we will be accountable for our actions.

  • We are committed to conducting our business with integrity and to show respect for human dignity and the rights of the individual.
  • We believe in being firm but fair.
  • We respect the rule of law.
  • We believe in creating mutual advantage in all our business partnerships and we aim to conduct transactions in a manner which demonstrates that we can be trusted.
  • Our employment practices are designed to provide a stimulating working environment in which initiative is valued and encouraged. We also try to pay special attention to the welfare of our employees.
  • We expect our employees to interact with our customers in a courteous and friendly manner at all times.
  • We want to work in a way that prevents accidents and harm to people and to the environment.
  • We will manage our business so as to maximise value for our owners.
  • We will listen to the views of others and learn from our mistakes.

We expect everybody who works for Maxol to live up to these commitments, both collectively and individually.

We will measure our success by:

  • The extent to which we meet our commitments.
  • The value which we create for our shareholders.
  • The trust we generate among our customers and others with whom we do business.
  • The pride and enthusiasm of our employees.
  • The perception of our company among our customers and among communities, both local and national.
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