14 Apr 2008

Maxol Announces Industry Move from regular Diesel Fuel to New Bio-diesel B5

Maxol has replaced its regular diesel fuel with a new more environmentally friendly bio-fuel.

The new fuel, which is a blend of regular mineral diesel and up to 5% bio-diesel has been introduced throughout Maxol’s entire Northern Ireland network of approximately 100 service stations and can be used in standard diesel powered vehicles without risk to the car manufacturer’s warranty or performance of the vehicle. The bio-diesel content consists of biomass or Fame, which is an abbreviation for fatty acid methyl ester molecules.

The rollout of B5 bio-diesel in the Northern Ireland fuels market follows the company’s leading position in the bio-fuels market in the Republic of Ireland where it was the first oil company to introduce bio ethanol unleaded grades E85 (now withdrawn) and E5 in 2005 and 2007.

The move is further evidence of Maxol’s commitment to renewable fuels and towards helping the UK Government meet its Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) which requires that 5% of all road vehicle fuel is supplied from sustainable renewable sources.

Brian Donaldson, General Manager – Marketing and Retail of the Maxol Group, said: “This is a further indication of Maxol’s commitment to cleaner fuels and more environmentally friendly motoring for the Northern Ireland driver. Renewable fuels are an essential part of our future and our children's future and Maxol is keen to develop initiatives in this area to help our local environment. While this is simply another relatively modest step along the path towards fossil fuel substitution, I can envisage a time in the not-too-distant future when the only fuels from Maxol service stations will be bio-fuels.”

The new B5 diesel grade is pitched at the same price as regular diesel fuel and is available across Maxol’s entire branded network in Northern Ireland.”

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