09 Sep 1999

Maxol Announces Introduction Of Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP)

Maxol Announces Introduction Of Lrp

Maxol, Europe’s leading independent oil company, has announced that from early September it will be phasing out supplies of leaded petrol for lead replacement petrol (LRP)). The move comes four months in advance of the EU Fuels Directive, which from the 1st January 2000 bans four star petrol from being sold on forecourts.

Pitched at the same price as four star leaded, the new fuel will have the same octane specification but without lead. It will also contain an anti-wear additive to protect exhaust valves under normal driving conditions.

Commenting on the initiative, Brian Donaldson, Group Marketing Manager of Maxol said:

"The move is a further indication of Maxol’s commitment to cleaner fuels and more environmentally friendly motoring for the Northern Ireland driver. Approximately 20,000 cars in Northern Ireland still run on four star petrol and although this is a diminishing market sector we believe it is important that we offer those motorists this new product".

LRP will become available through Maxol’s entire Northern Ireland network of approximately 95 outlets by end September.
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