04 Jun 2004

Maxol Calls for an Immediate Reduction In Fuel Duty

Maxol Calls For an Immediate Reduction In Fuel Duty

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement to keep the planned fuel duty rise under review in the next budget, Brian Donaldson, General Manager-Marketing & Retail of the Maxol Group, called not only for a freeze but a complete overhaul of how taxation is levied in the UK.

 He said: “Northern Ireland as part of the UK has already one of the highest rates of excise duty in Europe, an appalling 72 per cent of the cost of petrol and diesel at the pump is taken by the Government through duty and VAT taxes, and of course as the pump price rises the government’s take through VAT also increases.

“Businesses and motorists have borne the brunt of unreasonable levels of taxation for the past decade. What we need now, given the fluctuations in the world price of crude oil and uncertainty in the Middle East, is a commitment by the government to reduce the excise duty levied not a promise to keep further rises under review.”

Brian spoke out as fuel protest groups across the country planned their activities over the next few months.

He continued: “Tony Blair’s comments may placate some of the protest groups and the move is certainly a step in the right direction, however what is really required is a review of the way the Chancellor levies taxation on fuel to bring the UK in line with the rest of Europe – only this will provide a long term solution needed by Northern Ireland’s businesses and motorists.”
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