15 Apr 1999

Maxol Oil Limited goes green with the launch of Maxol Cleaner Diesel


A new and improved diesel fuel is being made available to the general public for the first time on Maxol forecourts from Monday 19 April 1999.

This new fuel contains 90% less sulphur allowing for lower vehicle emissions and much less damage to the environment. In addition there is no price increase for this value added product.

Brian Donaldson, Group Marketing Manager of Maxol said: 'Maxol Cleaner Diesel' is a breakthrough in fuel technology. At Maxol we have always had a vested interest in supplying our customers with fuels which are not only competively priced but also improve engine performance and most importantly, are less damaging to the environment. Whilst Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel has been available to commercial customers on a selective basis, Maxol will be one of the first Retail Petrol networks to offer this new enhanced product to the general motorist'.

'The majority of people want to support environmental issues and are willing to try new products which are proven to be less harmful to the environment. Maxol is delighted to be able to offer this new product to the general public at a competitive price and is confident that it will prove to be extremely successful and one which will replace standard diesel products.'

Maxol Cleaner Diesel can be used in any diesel engine, there is no need for vehicle conversion, adjustment or re-tuning. Cleaner Diesel' can also be mixed with standard diesel with no affect on vehicle performance and customers can expect the same, if not better, fuel economy (miles per gallon).
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