27 Jan 1999

Maxol Picks Up Environmental Award


Maxol one of Ulster's Top 100 companies has picked up an award for its environmental management systems against stiff competition from other top employers in Northern Ireland.

The award, which recognises excellence in environmental management systems, was organised by ARENA Network, an environmental advisory service for Northern Ireland businesses. The purpose being to measure the commitment of local companies towards environmental issues and provides other organisations with a benchmark to set their own objectives.

Commenting on winning the award Brian Donaldson, Group Marketing Manager of Maxol, said: Maxol, as Northern Irelands leading petrol retailer has always taken care to maintain a strict policy on environmental issues and enforce these throughout the company. This policy has been extended to all franchises, licensees, distributors, and even our suppliers. Its wonderful to achieve recognition for the environmental management systems we have had in place for many years.

George Dawson, Campaign Director of ARENA Network spoke of the positive results of the survey:

This is the first year we have asked companies to participate in the Environmental Management Survey and the response has been extremely encouraging. The results allow us to confirm for the first time that the majority of our top companies do take environmental management issues seriously. Maxol are to be congratulated and recognised for their exemplary environmental commitment and achievement.

Environmental engagement was measured by assessing the development and use of EMS tools such as environmental policies, targets and objectives, supplier management programmes and auditing procedures.
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