07 Jun 1997

New Life in Romania for Corporate Clothing


Thousands of pounds worth of company clothing is being given to the Romanian Appeal. The garments which range from boilers suits to shirts, skirts and rally jackets belong to Maxol Oil Ltd, Europe’s leading independent oil company. The boxes of clothing will be delivered to Romania by local volunteers from the Enniskillen Romanian Relief within the next few weeks.

Brian Donaldson, Group Marketing Manager, said: "The company recently introduced new uniforms as part of an overall updated corporate identity. The normal practice for companies is to shred old uniforms but as a company with a strong environmental and recycling policy this seemed to be a great waste of what is very serviceable clothing."

"We would appeal to other local companies to follow suit. There are hundreds of other large companies which shred good quality garments which could be put to good use by people less better off than ourselves. Corporate wear is normally made to a very high standard for durability and comfort and therefore is ideal for those in such harsh winter conditions."

The Romanian Appeal Volunteers would welcome donations of clothing from other companies.
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