01 Aug 2000

Response to Boycott the Pumps Campaign


Brian Donaldson, Group Marketing Manager of Maxol said: "The level of excise duty imposed on petrol and diesel by the UK government is one of the highest in Europe and has continued to escalate over the past seven years until today customers are paying as much as 70 pence per litre of petrol directly to the Chancellor.(over 73% of the retail price) The 'Boycott the Pumps' campaign is a direct response to these tax increases.

"Unfortunately as duty is paid to the government at the time of the product leaving the refinery rather than when the petrol is actually sold ,the government will not shoulder any of the loss of revenue which is expected through this campaign. Any losses, which occur, will be borne by individual retailers who are already operating under difficult trading conditions in Northern Ireland.

"The oil industry has been lobbying for the difference in excise duties between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to be reduced in order to stop the flow of northern business into the Republic .I hope that this campaign serves to raise awareness of the public’s displeasure with government policy rather than forcing even more local family businesses in Northern Ireland to close".
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