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27 Jun 2007

Maxol Launches Top Toilet Award


Maxol has introduced a new category in its prestigious Retail Business Awards scheme for 2007 called the Top Toilet Hygiene Award. 

The company said the move was in response to the increased numbers of customers using its stations as rest stops when purchasing fuel, ‘food to go’ and convenience shopping. 

Pictured launching the new Top Toilet Award category are Maxol's Brian Donaldson, General Manager, Marketign & Retail and Miss Northern Ireland runner up Jenny Curran.

Maxol's annual retailer business awards scheme promotes and rewards excellence in site standards and customer care throughout its network of 260 service stations in Ireland.

Organised annually by Maxol, the retail scheme measures the overall day to day performance of each participating service station. The objective being to uphold the high standards expected by today’s motorist and to ensure that customers receive the best levels of service and amenities when they step onto a Maxol forecourt.  

Brian Donaldson, General Manager of Maxol – Marketing and Retail, said: “Our new category has raised a few smiles but the underlying message is an important one. Hygienic away-from-home toilet provision is just one of the many public services that Maxol provides its customers on a day to day basis. As the car population increases along with tourists visiting Ireland it is vitally important that we do not detract from the overall retail offering through a lack on focus on wash room / toilet facilities. This new award will promote best practice and management in relation to ongoing toilet standards on our forecourts and make sure that the cleanliness of our washrooms is of a high standard. At this early stage there is much room for improvement across the entire industry but again Maxol is taking the lead through investment in improved facilities and by encouraging its retailers to take renewed interest and attention in improving standards.    

Judging for the Retail Awards is conducted via formal site inspections by Maxol senior management at participating Maxol stations throughout the year. In addition an independent agency conducts mystery motorist visits to observe and report on the quality of service offered to customers.

Brian Donaldson, General Manager of Maxol – Marketing and Retail, said: “Such is the importance of this new category award we are encouraging feedback from our customers through our web site. A special reply section on the Hygiene Awards has been set up ( and we are encouraging our customers to send us their constructive comments to ensure that we give the attention to this important area of operation at all times.

 The winners of the awards will be announced in January 2008. 

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