02 Jun 2011

Maxol Welcomes Latest Raid On Illegal Diesel Laundering Plant But Warns That The Problem Is In Danger Of Reaching Epidemic Proportions

Dublin, June 2nd 2011: Maxol Chief Executive, Tom Noonan, today congratulated customs officials on their successful raid on a diesel laundering plant in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan. However, he also pointed out that the large increase in successful operations such as this since the beginning of the year, simply highlights the growth of diesel laundering in Ireland.

“Maxol are receiving reports on an ongoing basis about the increasing sale of adulterated product right across Ireland, not just in traditional Border areas.  It is evident that this activity is becoming increasingly lucrative for serious criminals at a time when the State can clearly ill afford the loss of income from fuel taxes. The environmental clean-up costs associated with diesel laundering have also landed Local Authorities with bills amounting to many millions already,” said Noonan.

“This is not just a practice being conducted by a few small-time crooks” he continued. “It is big business for the perpetrators, who have now established a substantial network of outlets throughout the State. To illustrate the scale of the problem, a single truck load of laundered fuel can be sold for as much as €20,000 less than legitimate product.

At first glance, hard pressed motorists may simply see the purchase of “cheap” diesel as an opportunity to save money but, they should be aware of the following hazards.”

  • Laundered fuel has the potential to seriously damage engines
  • It can be an offence to run a vehicle on adulterated fuel
  • The proceeds of this activity go to organised crime
  • It has already been reported that the loss of revenue to the State is at least €100m, and rising.
  • “While Maxol lauds the efforts of those involved in raids such as today’s in Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan, we believe that a much greater response is required by Government.  An investment in much larger resources to combat the problem is clearly warranted on the basis of a simple cost-benefit evaluation and Maxol is more than willing to play its part” Noonan said.


    For further press information or for an interview with Tom Noonan, CEO, Maxol, please contact:

    Breffni Burke, Prior Communications (01) 6627 111 or 086 856 3739.

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