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14 May 2014


DD with award copyBrian Donaldson, Maxol Group Chief Operating Officer presents Dermot Dillane, from Dillane's Maxol Service Station Abbeydorney with his Community Action Award

Maxol, the Irish family-owned forecourt retailer is delighted to announce, Dermot Dillane, from Dillane's Maxol Service Station Abbeydorney, as one of three Republic of Ireland winners in its first All-Ireland Community Action Awards. Dermot Dillane's nominated project aimed to help stop the practice of fly dumping on local roads in the area by running an art competition in the local school of Abbeydorney, where the school children will design the road signs to appeal to people to stop dumping. Maxol's Community Action Awards were launched in October 2013 as part of its overall brand identity, which seeks to position the fuel retailer at the heart of local communities across the island of Ireland. The awards are designed to help Maxol's network of retailers build even closer relationships with their respective communities by championing a worthy local initiative.

Speaking about his reason for choosing an art competition to help combat fly dumping, Dermot commented, "This is an issue I feel passionate about as do most people who live in our community, I believe we need to raise awareness of the issue to protect our beautiful countryside. If the campaign is a success it will benefit the community by stopping the fly dumping, it will also bring the community together by including the children of our local school in the process. We will in turn reach out to parents and generate greater awareness, and based on its success it will be the first of many such projects carried out in Kerry and beyond".

Maxol COO, Brian Donaldson explains the reason behind establishing this new Community Action Awards programme, "Maxol is owned by the McMullan family and our business model is strongly guided by the family ethos in everything we do. We believe business has an obligation to be a positive force in the community, and this initiative was to help our retailers identify and support a worthwhile local cause. It's not just about handing over money, it is much more than that, by our retailers and their staff being actively involved in local projects, long lasting relationships are created that help promote greater loyalty and alliances between Maxol, its retailers and each community in which we offer services. The Community Action Initiative is an excellent opportunity to support our retailers in positioning their business 'At the heart of it' in their community. The success from this year's scheme has been tremendous with over €14,500 awarded to worthwhile causes in Ireland. In 2014 we will be running a similar community awards programme".