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10 Jul 2014


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Pictured at the opening of Maxol's new auto24 on the Holywood Road, Belfast is Brian Donaldson, Chief Operating Officer, The Maxol Group



Leading fuel retailer Maxol has opened a new Service Station at Holywood Road, Belfast. The new service station marketed under its Maxol auto24 brand is a 24-hour fully automated service station providing Belfast's motorist with 'all day everyday low fuel prices' with pay-at-the-pump convenience.

Maxol auto24 has six pay at the pump fuelling dispensers which accept payment by debit card, credit card and Maxol fuel card. This is Maxol's fifth auto24 station in Northern Ireland and follows the successful and popular model pioneered at auto24 in Carryduff in 2011, and subsequently set up at Shore Road, Hazelbank and Bridge End.

Brian Donaldson, Chief Operating Officer, The Maxol Group, said: "Automated service stations offer motorists a number of distinct advantages - fuel pricing is keener as there are fewer costs to pay; queues tend to be shorter as customers pay at the pump; parents find them convenient and because the service station operates on a 24-hour basis motorists can fill up at a time that best suits them. While we are delighted to be launching our fifth Maxol auto24, Maxol is still firmly committed to our full service station format. The automated format in this case has enabled us to make use of a previously closed site by taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology to offer this innovative new fuel solution to motorists in Northern Ireland."

As the fuel pricing is controlled directly from Head Office, the Holywood Road service station allows us to provide motorists with petrol and diesel at even more competitive prices. You can register on to receive advance notice by email or text of special offers and fuel price happy hour promotions. Over the next ten days our dedicated Maxol auto24 service team will be on-hand from 8am to 7pm to offer you assistance and demonstrate how simple and convenient the pay at pump service really is.

Maxol's is celebrating the launch of its new auto24 service station with a host of other customer promotions and activities to create a buzz around the official opening including free coffee and other special give-aways.

Maxol recently introduced this concept in the Republic of Ireland by opening its first 24 hour automated service station in Sutton, Dublin.