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Got It!
09 Dec 2014


 At The Heart of It  

Monica Fogarty (Asst. Secretary Circle of Friends), Maxol's –Group General Manager Brian Donaldson, Pat Jones (Chairman of Circle of Friends and father of Jennifer Jones, Founder), with Breda and Liam Wall (Licensees of Maxol Tipperary Town)

This week, Liam Wall, licensee of Maxol service station Tipperary town revisited Circle of Friends, a support centre providing respite and counselling services to cancer patients and their families. Just over six months ago Liam nominated the charity for funding as part of Maxol's Community Awards Initiative. The awards were designed to help Maxol's network of retailers build even closer relationships with their respective communities by championing a worthy local initiative.

Speaking about his reason for choosing Circle of Friends as his nominated cause, Liam Wall commented, "We chose Circle of Friends Cancer Support Centre as it is a start-up project and its founder Jennifer Jones is a cancer sufferer herself. Jennifer explained to us how up to now she has had to travel almost three hours to Cork to avail of a cancer support service. It was the success of the Cork centre that inspired her to start this similar project in Tipperary. Circle of Friends has given our staff and my wife Breda and I in Maxol Tipperary a fresh awareness of community activity and a real appreciation for the need to support worthy local initiatives. The feedback from everyone involved in the centre has been truly rewarding and very much humbling to see the tremendous benefits it has already provided to our local community".

Speaking first hand about the benefit of Circle of Friends, one attendee (who would prefer to remain unnamed) commented, "Circle of friends has been very valuable place in Tipperary for those who have just been through treatment for cancer. I know for myself it was so reassuring to meet others and talk about your worries after treatment. The knitting group and treatments like reiki and acupuncture have helped me and so many others relax and provide a break from cancer. I have also made great friends which is a huge comfort at this challenging time".

Speaking about the positive ways Maxol's funding has benefited the centre, founder Jennifer Jones commented, "I am so grateful to Maxol for believing in the vision of Circle of Friends. When I applied for this award Circle of Friends was an idea and with help of donations like this that concept has become a reality. Maxol's donation has allowed us finance the rent of an extra room in the building which we use as an office and was badly needed. This new office allows us work more efficiently which ultimately benefits the level of service we can provide to our clients".

Circle of Friends Cancer Support Centre opened its doors on December 22nd 2013. The centre provides a range of complimentary therapies, which can be beneficial to people suffering from fatigue, reduce anxiety and restore a sense of well being. Therapies include: reflexology, reiki and acupuncture. Other services provided are, nutrition workshops, one to one counselling and meditation evenings. Since opening its doors 90 people have registered with the centre. 28 volunteers work at Circle of Friends.

Speaking about his experience of seeing the work of the Circle of Friends Cancer Support Centre first hand,Group General Manager of Maxol,Brian Donaldson commented, " It was an absolute pleasure to meet Pat and Monica in Tipperary and seeing Jennifer's vision and work first hand at the centre was extremely inspirational. The sense of calm and homely atmosphere is truly comforting for all of the users of the centre. Maxol is only too delighted to have helped in such a small way and wish to thank Liam and Breda along with their staff for all of their hard work in supporting Jennifer and the Circle of Friends cancer support group."

Liam Wall continues to raise funds for Circle of Friends. The existing facility is short on space and the team is hoping to relocate to bigger premises, however they need financial support to make this a reality. If you are interested in helping Circle of Friends, simply call into Maxol Tipperary and speak to Liam.