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Wash Features

Our Wash takes car washing to the next level, bringing motorists the latest technologies from WashTec. We use Softcare Pro 2 machines ensuring the best quality wash, every time.

Soft Brush Technology

SoftTec® is a highly innovative and paint-protecting brush material made of foamed polyethylene. It cleans the most sensitive paint finishes without leaving a trace.

With new vehicles, maintaining the shine on your paintwork is particularly important, SoftTec® will keep it dazzling.

Our Wash offers wider entry lanes of 2,050mm, ensuring a comfortable washing experience for all vehicle shapes.

Wheel Jet is a diagonally positioned wheel washer that ensures a thorough clean, every time. It hits wheels up to 21 inches in diameter squarely in the centre.

Foamtastic Technology

Three swivelling high-pressure jets positioned on each side provide for improved coarse dirt removal to the front, rear and side skirt areas.

Flexstream rotating roof nozzle efficient at removing dirt rotating in every direction on its axis ensuring and all-round high-pressure wash, even for hard-to-reach places.

All-round high-pressure wash, even in the side skirt area and contour tracking drying. This ensures optimum cleaning, even for hard-to-reach places.

Flexstream drying, to ensure reliable removal of water droplets from the vehicle.

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The Importance of Keeping Your Vehicle Clean

Keeping your vehicle clean and shiny with regular carwashes is an investment for the future, and with Maxol wash programmes providing quality washes every time, you will never look back!.


Dirt, weather, pollution and salt can stick to your car’s surface. Regular carwashes help protect your vehicle from all the elements.


It's important to clean the underbody of your vehicle to ensure that harmful dirt and contaminants do not accumulate and clog moving parts.


When bugs hit the front of your vehicle they quickly dry and harden. The surface of the vehicle should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent the acidity caused by these bugs damaging your paintwork.


Autumn Leaves

When leaves fall on your vehicle, they can cause damage by leaving an outline on the paintwork. You should remove leaves by hand as soon as you see them on the body. If you don’t, rain will wet the leaves causing sap and other chemicals to damage the paintwork.

Tree Sap

If you regularly park under a tree, your vehicle will accumulate sap falling from above. If the sap is left on the paintwork, it can take a lot of work to remove it, making regular car washing so important.


Last but not least, it’s important to wash your vehicle regularly to keep it looking as good as new!