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Get control over costs.

Maxol Fuel Cards are designed to give you a greater control over how much your business spends on fuel for its fleet. We'll keep track of your fuel (carwash and lubricants) purchase. We will email you invoices, monthly statements and management information to help you easily and accurately analyse and monitor vehicle and driver performance.

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Small fleet of cars and/or light commercial vehicles(e.g. less than 10)

Want tight control of fuel costs with the flexibility to avail of the most competitive pump prices (predominantly) in your local area?

Larger fleet of cars and/or light commercial vehicles, requiring an extensive nationwide refuelling network

Uniform fuel price per litre is required, regardless of refuelling location.

HGV & and/or large commercial vehicles, requiring extensive nationwide network of 24hr high-speed diesel refuelling locations

Uniform fuel price per litre is required, regardless of refuelling location.

The Maxol Chargecard

The Maxol Chargecard
  • Online Access to your account and all fuel management information.
  • Accepted at All Maxol service stations.
  • No unauthorised fuel purchases with card restrictions
  • All transactions verified with PIN technology

The Maxol National Account Card

The Maxol National Account Card
  • Online Access to your account and all fuel management information.
  • Accepted at over 500 multi-branded service stations throughout Ireland.
  • Very competitively priced
  • All transactions verified with PIN technology

The Maxol Fuelnet Card

The Maxol Fuelnet Card
  • Online Access to your account and all fuel management information.
  • Many facilities with 24-hour access; High speed pumps; Gas Oil and AdBlue
  • Competitive commercial prices
  • All transactions verified with PIN technology

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Account Benefits

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  • Exceptional Card Security Features +

    All cards can be restricted to a specific driver and vehicle if required and with the introduction of PIN verification on all cards; your business will get the additional peace of mind and security it requires. Cards also prevent unauthorized product purchase by limiting purchases to fuel, oil and car wash or a combination thereof. No other items can be purchased with Maxol Fuel Cards.

  • Access to an All Ireland Network +

    All Ireland coverage available to all customers depending on their individual requirements, types of vehicles required and pricing requirements, but including over 100 specialist HGV sites and over 300 Retail Forecourts.

  • Access to over 1,500 Sites throughout the UK ... +

    ....with our new Keyfuels Card

    Including all Morrison Supermarket Service Station and most large specialist HGV Refueling sites

    For details of site coverage please visit

  • Fuel Cost Control +

    The on-line management information system not only enables invoices to be received by email but also allows complete analysis of historic account information. Both vehicle and driver performance can be measured by simply monitoring:

    • Vehicle fuel consumption
    • Vehicle cost per mile
    • Mileage records
  • Internet Access +

    Live internet access to your account enables you to:

    • print copy documentation
    • order and cancel cards
    • review uninvoiced transactions
    • analysis and export account data
  • Reduced Administration +

    Clear and simple, fully itemised vehicle specific account invoicing is provided with a single standard invoice for all Card Types. Vat is detailed separately and you choose the layout of the account detail most appropriate for your administrative needs. Separate invoices are produced for purchases made in ROI and UK. Invoices can also be grouped by individual cost centres if required.

    Having a Maxol Fuel Card Account makes is simple to recover cross border VAT, even if you are not registered for VAT in that Country:

    • For United Kingdom businesses recovering VAT in the Republic of Ireland please use form Vat60EC.
    • For Republic of Ireland businesses recovering VAT in the United Kingdom please use the UK VAT Refund form Vat65. Notes to assist its completion are contained in Vat65 (Notes).
  • Competitive Payment Terms +

    Maxol Fuel Cards give you longer to pay, allowing you up to 30 days of interest free credit, freeing up working capital to improve your cash flow. Settlement is to be made on the 15th of the month following invoice by Direct Debit. Customers can settle invoices in either Stg£ or Euro, or both if they have the appropriate bank account(s)*.

    * For Euro payments the Bank account must be with a Republic of Ireland clearing bank and for Stg£ payments it must be with a United Kingdom one.

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Why choose Maxol...

  • Exceptional product quality
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Pay@Pump facilities
  • Dedicated Truck Stops with 24hr facilities
  • High speed payment processing
  • Flexible invoicing and reporting
  • On-line account access
  • Card controls
  • In-house account management
Certified quality.

Maxol is delighted to announce that its Fuel Card Division has been selected as the only Northern Irish based supplier of Fuel Cards and Associated Services by the Crown Commercial Service, under their UK wide tender award RM6000.



  • “As one of a selected number of fuel suppliers to An Post, Maxol delivers high quality customer service, particularly in the provision of back up-data for our particular reporting and billing requirements. They consistently respond quickly and accurately to any queries that arise and we value this efficiency and attention to detail.”

    Deirdre Fox, Procurement Manager, An Post
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Maxol Fuel Card Services is excited to achieve certification in Information Security Management System ISO 27001


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