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What is the Maxol Loyalty App?

Can I download the App to any phone?

Do I need to register to use the App?

I never received my verification code?

How do I earn stars?

How do I become a gold member?

How can I check my gold stars

Offers - What are the offers?

How can I check/redeem my offers?

Rewards - What are the rewards?

How can I check/redeem my rewards?

How do I earn coffee loyalty stamps?

How do I earn car wash loyalty stamps?

If I have the Maxol app, do I need a printed loyalty card as well?

What happens to my current paper loyalty card?

My loyalty stamp has not been applied - what do I do?

How do I activate my rewards & offers?

My coupon or voucher has disappeared in the App - where can I view it?

How does FuelPay work?

Are my payment details stored in the app?

Where will I find my digital receipts?

How can I change my personal details?

How can I unsubscribe to stop receiving SMS?

How can I stop push notifications?

How can I unsubscribe from receiving emails ?

Where can I validate my email address to receive emails from Maxol?

Is the programme GDPR compliant?

What happens to my information if I delete the App?

Where can I use the Maxol Loyalty App?

What details are required to register?

Why have I received an invalid mobile number message when registering?

Why is FuelPay not working on my phone?

How can I update my payment card details for FuelPay?

Why is there a pre-authorisation on my account?