At Maxol, our Premium Fuel contains deposit control additives that reduce build up in your engine and improve power and acceleration. Plus, carbon emissions are 100% offset. This means you get better value with every fill.


Better Performance

Our premium fuel actively cleans your engine and reduces deposit build-up. This means better performance in your engine and more kilometres in your fill.


Better Power & Acceleration

Less friction and deposit build-up improves torque maintenance and prevents further build-up in your engine. Continued use of our premium fuel will have your engine running ‘like new’.


Reduces Engine Deposits

Our premium fuel contains deposit control additives that keep intake valves and nozzles clean. This optimises your engine’s performance by reducing friction and deposit build-up.


For All Maxol Fuel Card Users

To avail of our new Premium Fuels Range, please contact to order a new card, as your current fuel card is not authorised to purchase these products.

Carbon Neutral Programme

For our planet

Offsetting 100% of emissions on Premium Fuel

For our forests

Planting 10,000 trees in Ireland

For our community

Funding local community projects