Remember the Nipper?,Remember the Nipper?

03 Apr 2015

Maxol has ‘Freed a Nipper’ – one of the last of its kind - and its new home is in the Little Museum of Dublin at 15 St. Stephen’s Green. Maxol‘s iconic Nipper and Brendan Grace have been reunited. For those who don’t remember, a Nipper was a furry rabbit-like glove puppet which came with a carrot and squeaked. The Maxol early 1980’s ‘Free a Nipper’ promotion saw parents beg, borrow and steal Maxol stamps in order to receive the coveted Nipper. Comedian Brendan Grace’s character ‘Bottler’ was the public face of Maxol’s national TV, radio and poster campaign.  Approximately 400,000 Nippers were freed by the end of the campaign, creating a Maxol icon for generations to come.

Make sure to pop down to the Little Museum to see him for yourself!

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